What's Up Wednesday :: August 2015

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Here we go!
What We’re Eating this week.....
 Monday - Sliders Trucks at our school's Back to School Picnic
Tuesday - Chicken Apple Sausage & Sweet Potato Fries
Wednesday - Chinese Chicken Salad
Thursday - Cheeseburgers & Avocado Bacon Corn Salad
Friday- Friday Night Pizza Night!
Saturday - Out to dinner
Sunday - Back to School Feast (I'm still working on the menu)

I also like to make treats during the week.
Because it's Back to School Week, I am making some cookies to give to the girls teachers.
I am making my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies:
{I put these cookies in a mason jar & attach THIS to them for their teachers}

And, the Best Ever Snickerdoodles since they are my kids favorite & I wanted to make them a special treat for this week!
I am also making my Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins for the kids to have after school this week since these are their favorite muffins:
Lots of baking this week! Just adds to the craziness of Back to School ;)
 What I'm Reminiscing about.....
 I am reminiscing about our wedding since our anniversary was on Monday!
Look how young we were!!!
We had our 13 year anniversary on Monday, but we celebrated on Sunday night by going on a date night downtown to one of our favorite restaurants. We rode our cruisers, of course!
 Caprese Salad for an appetizer:
 Cheers to 13 years!
 Kevin had the double stuffed pork chop:
 I had the jumbo prawns:
 They gave us a free dessert....our favorite....creme brulee! Yum!
 It was so nice to have a date night on one of the last night's of summer!

What I'm loving.....
 I am loving the Rodan + Fields Reverse Regimen!
I use it to get rid of Sun Damage (and my pregnancy melasma) 
I love that it helps keep my skin from getting more sun damage! 
Did you spend too much time in the sun this summer? 
Do you have sun damage, age spots or pregnancy melasma? I can help!!

 I love seeing before & after pics when people use Rodan + Fields products! How awesome are these Reverse Results withal few months of use? Reverse does just what it says...reverses sun damage, gets rid of melasma (mask of pregnancy), age spots & sun spots and helps lighten freckles. Reverse also helps reverse the signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles. Did you know most aging is caused by sun damage? I am so thankful for R+ F products and how they have helped change my skin, sun damage & got rid of my pregnancy melasma!
Are you (or your child) struggling with acne? Our Unblemish regimen is one of my most popular products! It works for teens & adults. It also helps with post acne scarring!
Get your skin ready for Back to School!

For my Back to School special, all new preferred customers who buy a regimen will get get $20 cash back, 10% off your order, free shipping AND a FREE EYE cream  (a $60 value for FREE!!)  

Our eye cream helps with bags under your eyes, puffiness & fine lines!

It is currently SOLD OUT again because it is so popular, but I have some on hand that I can giveaway for my Back to School Special!

We have products for ALL skin types...fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage & sensitive skin! Email me to claim this deal: melissa_larson17@yahoo.com

All our products come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose :)

  What We've been up to.....

 Our last month of summer was mellow.
Swim Team was over, so we had a lot of down time.
Kevin & the girls had a backyard campout:
 We watched a movie outside on our lawn:
Went to Lake Tahoe again:
We celebrated Luke's 3rd Birthday with a Firetruck Party
More party pics {HERE}
We went to a Giants Game:
We did glo stick swimming at night:

 The kids helped me set up my classroom last week:
 The girls played school in my classroom & Luke played trains & firetrucks:
I also chopped 5 inches off my hair:
What I'm Dreading.....
Making school lunches for the next 9 months!
Claire is in 1st grade now (our kinder was only 1/2 day)
So this year I will be making lunches for her & Kate.
Making school lunches is one of my least favorite things. 
Here is today's lunch:
Kate wanted turkey sandwiches & Claire wanted a bagel & cream cheese.
I also cut up some peppers & gave them a Babybel cheese.
 I am also dreading all the paper work that comes with the first few weeks of school.
Here is what came home today:
 What I'm Working On.....
I am working on school!
Sooooo much planning goes on for the 1st few weeks of school.
 This year we also got new textbooks, so I am planning out all of that also!
What I'm Excited About.....
 I am so, so, so excited about the teachers my girls got this year!!!
Claire got the same teacher Kate had for 1st grade (LOVE HER!!)
And, Kate got a really great 3rd grade teacher. I have heard nothing but awesome things about her!
So thrilled for my girls.
Yesterday was their first day (more on that later!) and they both came home with big smiles!

What I'm Watching........
We don't watch very much TV in the summer...too much other stuff going on!
 We are still watching House of Cards (almost done with Season 2)
And, I have seen a little bit of Bachelor in Paradise....YIKES.

What I'm Reading.....
I have been reading A LOT the past month!
Here are the books I have read since our last What's Up Wednesday:
I loved all of these books!  I'm sad that school is starting & I won't be able to stay up as late & read!

What I'm Listening to.....
 I am still loving Today's Hits on Pandora when I do my running! 

What I'm Wearing.....
Well, the past few weeks since it was still summer, I wore running clothes or my swimsuit.
But, school started yesterday, so that means I am back to wearing "normal" clothes. LOL!
Here is what I wore on the first day of school:
Dress { Stitch Fix }   Shoes {HERE} I have them in nude also! So comfy!! 
They don't have the peep toe wedges anymore, but they do have several closed toe wedges!
Yes,  I sure did take a 1st day of school photo! Kids don't get all the fun ;)
What I’m doing this weekend.....
I have a Mom's Night Out on Saturday night with my friends (who are also moms from my girls Elementary School)
I am SO excited!!!!  
What I'm Looking Forward to next month.....
I am looking forward to Claire's Birthday!
I can't believe she is turning 7.
Her party is going to be a Tea Party....it's going to be so cute.
Speaking of which...this weekend I also need to make her invites & mail them out! 

What else is new.....
Just the new school year...I am looking foward to getting into a routine again. We had no routine at all this summer. It was nice for a few weeks, but I need routine in my life!
Question of the month is:
What is your favorite Back to School Tradition?
I have so many favorite Back to School Traditions (I posted about all of them HERE)
My favorite one is our Back to School Feast that we have the 1st week of school.
We pick a family theme for the school year & talk about our goals for the year. 
My other favorite Back to School tradition is giving my kids teachers these:
I made them 4 years ago when Kate was going into Kinder.
I love giving them to their teachers & getting to know them better & so I know what kinds of treats I can spoil them with throughout the year. 

You can download it {HERE}

If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by!
Feel free to follow along! 
You can find me on Bloglovin, Facebook & Instagram

Can't wait to read about What's up with all of YOU!


Half Marathon Training Update!

I wanted to give an update on how my training is going!
I've been training for my 1/2 marathon for a little over a month & my race is in 2 months on October 18th.
 I am loosely following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon Training Plan. 
I try and run 3-4 times a week, plus "cross training"  that he recommends.
I am counting my Monday night Co-ed indoor soccer games as my cross training.

I use the Nike + Running App (It's free!) to track all my runs.
Here is how my runs have been going:
(It goes from most recent to oldest)

 I feel pretty good about my training so far. It is fun to see how my pace is improving in just a month.
On some of the runs where my pace is slower, those are the ones where I was pushing Luke in the jogging stroller. I DO not like running with the jogging stroller...it slows me down pushing 40 pounds of Luke plus the weight of the stroller. It's hard to get in your "groove" while pushing the stroller.

Although, one of my favorite runs was a 5 mile run in Tahoe along with Truckee River pushing the jogger while the girls rode their bikes.

 This week I did my longest run so far...6 miles. (I was supposed to do this run last weekend, but it was 102 degrees all last weekend & we had Luke's Firetruck Birthday Party, so I decided to do my 6 mile run on Tuesday when the weather wasn't as hot!)
 I have to do a 7 mile run this weekend....YIKES!!!!!

I've learned some things about myself during the past month of training. 
1) I've missed running. I can't believe I gave it up for 10 years. (Having 3 kids got in the way, but no more excuses)
 2) I LOVE running at night. It's my favorite time to run. I've done a few runs at 9pm after the kids are in bed, it's my favorite & it's not hot outside. I'm totally a night owl & that goes with running also! 3) I do not like running in the mornings. Ugh. I am sooo not a morning person. Last week I did a run at 7am, I got up & went on a 3 mile run without eating breakfast...bad idea!!! I was STARVING on the run and had no energy. I normally don't eat breakfast until 1-2 hours after I wake up, so I need to change this on mornings that I run. I especially need to figure this out by my race since it starts at 6:30 AM!!!!
 4) I'm a much slower runner than I was 10 years ago, but that's okay...it's better than not running! 
5) I made so many excuses for not working out the past 10 years....too busy...too many kids....not enough time. Well, all of those excuses were lame. It doesn't take that much time...just 30-45 minutes out of my day. And, it has been so fun having the girls ride their bikes while I run. Some of my favorite runs have been in the evenings when we go on a family "Bike Run" The girls bike while Kevin & I run (and I make Kevin push the jogging stroller :)
When Kevin and I first started dating 14 years ago (!!!) we would go on runs almost every day after work. I was fresh out of college & in college soccer shape. It was so fun running together & getting to know each other on our runs. He has been begging me to get back into running, but I always had excuses. So glad I got talked into this 1/2 Marathon by my friends so that I could start running again.

So, there is my training update.
1 month of training down, 2 months to go!
I need to start incorporating more hill runs since the Nike Women's 1/2 San Francisco is a very hilly course!!


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