2015 Fall TV Line Up!

One of my favorite things about the Fall is the new Fall TV schedule comes out!
Shows have their season premiers and we find out what new shows are premiering.
No more re-runs.
We get to find out what happened in our favorite shows after months since the Season Finales!

Usually, Fall Premier Week is in mid September, but for some reason this year, all the premiers are scattered throughout the end of September & October.

What I love to do at the end of the day is just sit down with a glass of wine & zone out in front of the TV.
How about you?
Get ready.....Let's talk TV! 

Monday Night Football
(LOVE Monday Night Football)
I only have one show on Monday nights that we have watched the past couple years which is 2 Broke Girls.
We still have episodes from last season on our DVR which tells me that I am breaking up with this show....if I haven't bothered to watch the rest of LAST season...buh-bye.
CBS hasn't announced what day/time this show will be on this year, but I think I am done watching it.

New Shows on Mondays that I will check out:
Life in Pieces looks good, I added it to my DVR & will see if it's good. The description & photo makes me think it will have a Parenthood vibe. We will see!

 I am play on an indoor soccer team on Monday nights, so anything I want to watch on Monday goes on the DVR. Plus, we have Monday Night Football to watch!

New Girl is usually on Tuesdays, but it hasn't been announced when it is premiering yet.
 I was under-whelmed by last season, but of course I will keep watching it this season.
New Shows on Tuesdays that I will try out:
Grandfathered (because it is starring John Stamos...so, hello! Of course I am watching it)
We love Goldbergs! 
New shows on Wednesdays I will check out:
None! Nothing looks good! 

Let's have a moment of silence for the fact that Parenthood is no longer on the air.

BUT, the good news is that Thursday night now is PACKED with AMAZING shows!!
TGIT is for real!
 Earlier this year, based on recommendations from many of you, we started watching Scandal.
We caught up on the 1st 4 seasons last Spring (thanks Netflix!) and are so excited to watch Season 5 this Fall.

Also on Thursdays is Grey's Anatomy!
At the end of summer I started watching Grey's Anatomy from Season 1 (several of you also recommended Grey's to me) This was the first time I have ever watched it...I can't believe I went 10 years without seeing this show! Kevin was out of town last week for 6 days, so I was able to do a lot of binge watching...I am now on season 8 of Grey's!
I am trying to catch up on all the seasons & I am currently recording the newest season on my DVR. I am LOVING Grey's....can't believe I waited 10 years to start watching!

New Shows I am watching on Thursdays:
I know it started last Fall, but we didn't watch it. I have had several friends recommend it, so now that Season 1 is on Netflix, I am going to watch it & start recording this current season on our DVR.

 Friday is for catching up on all the shows we have on our DVR (or Netflix)
But, I have been totally into watching Shark Tank on Friday nights for the past year.

I love that show! I love seeing people's new ideas.
And, I must confess, I have totally gone online and bought things from people after seeing them on Shark Tank!
Amazing Race is also on Friday Nigh. I love this show, but sometimes it gets stuck on my DVR and I never end up watching all of them.

College Football
Or, Saturday nights we go on a Date Night or hang out with family/friends/neighbors, watch a movie, etc.

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in our house!)

*All images from google images*

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie...I guess I am!
We mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay un watched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory" and then I delete them or just start watching new shows on Netflix. (Speaking of Netflix shows, we are also watching House of Cards)

What are your favorite TV shows?
What new shows are you excited to try out?
Any shows you broke up with after last season?
Any Netflix shows you would recommend?
Any new shows I need to start watching?
Are you excited about Fall TV? 

TV Junkies Unite :)


T-Minus 2 Weeks! {Half Marathon Update}

My 1/2 Marathon is in less than 2 weeks!
I wanted to give an update on my training since I have less than 2 weeks to go!
I started training for the 1/2 Marathon on July 16 (the 1/2 marathon is October 18, so I began training 3 months before) 
July 16th was the first time I had gone running in 10 years (!!!!) 
I used to be a runner, but then being pregnant, having kids & life got in the way of running. 
And, honestly, I didn't make it a priority, so I just stopped running cold turkey in 2005 when I got pregnant.
 I loosely followed the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon Training Plan. 
I try and run 3-4 times a week, plus "cross training"  that he recommends.
I am counting my Monday night Co-ed indoor soccer games as my cross training.
I use the Nike + Running App (It's free!) to track all my runs.
Here is how my runs have been going since I last updated my training at the end of August.
(You can see that update HERE)

This goes from most recent to oldest.
 Saturday was my longest run to date....12 miles!!!!! It was hard!
2 days later & I am still sore.
 The week before, I ran 11 miles & it felt great, but running 12 this past weekend was rough, I hit the wall at mile 10. I think the problem was that I went out too fast on my 12 mile run. My first couple miles were sub 8 miles.
When I ran 10 miles a few weeks ago, it was a rough run...It was a hilly course & it was 95 degrees out. I didn't run with any water (never making that mistake again!!!)

 So, that has been my training re-cap for the past 6 weeks since I last updated.
I am feeling excited/nervous for the 1/2 marathon.
I am excited about it because I have never done a 1/2 marathon before and I am proud of myself for sticking to a training plan. It feels good to get back into shape.
I am nervous because the 1/2 marathon course is FULL of hills.
If you have been to San Francisco before you know that it is ALL hills. Hills everywhere.
Here is the race course:

 See that steep incline at mile 10? YIKES.
Throughout all my training runs, I have felt good for the first 8-10 miles and then I have hit the wall....the fact that there is a big incline at mile 10 is making me nervous.
My 10 mile run, 11 mile run & 12 mile run all had some hills in them, but I am thinking I maybe should have added some more hilly runs. Oh well! 

My training plan for the next 2 weeks is to run 3 miles & 4 miles this week, run a 10K on Sunday and next week I plan on running another 3 miles & then 4 miles.

I think I will make sure 1 of those runs is a hilly run, just to get my legs used to the hills...although it might be too late for that! 

On a side note...like my new running shirt? Is it perfect for me or what? :)
For those of you who have run a 1/2 marathon, I would LOVE any last minute advice you can give me! I have no idea what to expect & would love any tips that will be useful for me to know as I taper off these last 2 weeks!


What's Up Wednesday :: September 2015

It's the last Wednesday of the month, that means it's time for our What's Up Wednesday Link Up!

Link up with  me, Sheaffer & Shay the LAST Wednesday of each month so we can read about What's Up with YOU!

Here we go!
What We’re Eating this week.....
Monday - Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Broccoli Slaw
Tuesday- Baked Santa Fe Tacos
 Wednesday - Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday - Friday Night Pizza Night!
Saturday- Beer & Sausage at our friends Oktoberfest Block Party!
Sunday- Chicken Tortilla Soup

I also bake a treat each week with the girls.
 This week we are making Pumpkin Bread! This is one of the most popular recipes on my blog!
Pumpkin Bread Recipe {HERE}

Every year on October 1st, I make pumpkin bread to welcome my favorite month, October!
Even though Fall officially started last week, here in California it is still 90 degrees, so I always wait until October 1st to bust out my Fall decor and I wait until then to start making all my favorite pumpkin treats.

This weekend I will also be making my Pumpkin Brownies to bring to Oktoberest!

Recipe {HERE}
What I'm Reminiscing about.....
 Since September is Claire's birthday month, I have been reminiscing about her as a baby...thanks to Time Hop!
Baby Claire!
She was always so smiley :)

 Whenever it's one of my kids birthday months, I always love looking back on their birthday parties that I've thrown for them.
Here is a walk down memory lane with Claire's Birthday Parties!
1st Birthday - Ice Cream Cone Theme
2nd Birthday - Ladybug Theme
3rd Birthday - Cowgirl Party (this is one of my Top 3 favorite parties ever)
4th Birthday - Candy Shoppe Theme
5th Birthday - Tangled Theme
6th Birthday - Mermaid Swim Party

 What I'm loving.....
Rodan + Fields Reverse Regimen!
Did you spend too much time in the sun this summer?
 Do you have sun damage, age spots or pregnancy melasma? I can help!!  
 I love seeing before & after pics when people use Rodan + Fields products! How awesome are these Reverse Results from Erin? She used Reverse for 6 months & now uses redefine.
 The after picture is foundation free, with just our mineral peptide powder! Reverse does just what it says...reverses sun damage, gets rid of melasma (mask of pregnancy), age spots & sun spots and helps lighten freckles. Reverse also helps reverse the signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles. 
Did you know most aging is caused by sun damage?
 I am so thankful for R+ F products and how they have helped change my skin, sun damage & got rid of my pregnancy melasma! 

 I am also so incredibly thankful for business side of Rodan + Fields. It is something I said I would never do...so glad I ignored my fears & jumped in. I have met incredible people & it has given me so many amazing opportunities, both financially & friendship wise. We have a lot of specials going on this month for new customers and for people who want to join the business! 
All new preferred customers who will get get $20 cash back, 10% off your order, free shipping AND a FREE EYE cream (which is currently sold out!) 
If you join my team, corporate will send you a free box of Acute Care and/or cash back!
 All our products come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. 

We have products for ALL skin types...fine lines, wrinkles, acne, sun damage & sensitive skin! 
Take this 30 second questionnaire {HERE} to find out what products are best for YOUR skin!
Email me or  to claim this deal or if you have questions! 

What We've been up to.....
 September was another busy month!
Our month started out with all 3 kids getting sick with a random fever/tummy issues.
We had to postpone our Back to School Feast by a couple days, but we had it & it was a blast:

We had Claire's 7th Birthday Tea Party:
It was such a sweet party!
  I was also in Austin a week and a half ago for our Rodan + Fields conference....so much fun!

We also celebrated my nephew Jack's 3rd birthday at a Trash/Dump Truck Party!
Our weekends have been busy with soccer games for the girls!
Sad, dead grass because of the California drought :(

What I'm Dreading.....
 I'm dreading running 12 miles this weekend in the heat...the weather has been so hot this month, it makes it hard to go on long runs when it's in the 90s.  My 1/2 marathon is in 2.5 weeks and this weekend I have to run 12 miles, then I will taper off for the last 2 weeks. I did 11 miles on Sunday & I am not looking forward to running 12, but....you gotta do what you gotta do.

What I'm Working On.....
Lots and lots of running. Ha!

I'm also working on getting my house organized...the first month back to school is always CRAZY.
It takes me about a month to get back into the routine of going back to work, grading papers, doing homework with the girls, taking them to soccer & dance, etc.

Now that we are a month into school, I am feeling good about our routine, but my house is so unorganized...need to work on cleaning out stuff!

What I'm Excited About.....
 I'm excited about Kevin's work project being done this weekend!!!
He has been working 80+ hours a week since mid July working on a major project (basically like his Thesis) It is due in a few days...I am SOOOOOOO excited to have him home and not working such long hours! All of us miss him!

What I'm Watching........
 About a month ago, I decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy. I had never seen it before & several people told me I would love it. Because Kevin has been working so much, at night, I started watching it....I am finishing Season 6 as I type this.
Yes, that's right...I have watched 6 seasons in a month....so embarrassing.....but it's SO good!!! Ahhh!!! I cry almost every episode!

Kevin and I are still watching House of Cards, but we haven't watched it since the end of July since he has been working so much. We are on Season 2...I can't wait to start watching it again next week!

What I'm Reading.....
I've only read 1.5  books this month 
I finished this book:

And, I started reading this book:
An Abundance of Katherine's
I haven't finished it yet.
I would like to blame that on being busy with being a mom, teaching, training for a 1/2 marathon, etc...but the REAL reason I haven't finished it is that when I have down time at night when the kids are in bed, I would rather binge watch Grey's Anatomy. Ha!
Just keeping it real :)

What I'm Listening to.....
I am still loving Today's Hits on Pandora when I do my running!
I am loving Cool for the Summer by Demi Lovato.

What I'm Wearing.....
Since it's Back to School...I am wearing lots of skirts & dresses since the weather is still in the 90s. Ugh!

  Skirt // Tank // Shoes // Earrings // Bracelets

 Here are some of my outfits I wore when I was in Austin:
 Tank {Stitch Fix} // Skirt

 Going to dinner & 6th St Oufit:

Shirt // Jeans // Booties // Cross body Purse

Our gala evening at Convention:

Dress // Shoes // Necklace (use code mellarsonxoxo to get started!)
What I’m doing this weekend.....
The girls have soccer games, Kate has a birthday party & I hope we can watch football because Kevin will be done with his project by Sunday!
 I am also going to decorate our house for Fall this weekend since the weather is dropping to the 80s :)

What I'm Looking Forward to next month.....
We have a lot of fun things planned in October...running the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco, going to Disneyland, my Grammy's 104th Birthday & of course Halloween!
I've always wanted to go to Disney during Halloween Time...I can't wait!

October is going to be an awesome month!
What else is new.....
Kate started a hip hop dance class. She did ballet when she was 3, but that doesn't really count ;)
So, dance is new to her...she has been asking for the past 6 months if she can take a dance class and one of the local studios has a Taylor Swift Dance Class...all the songs they dance to are Taylor Swift.
 Kate is loving it!
Question of the month is:
What is your favorite Halloween Tradition?
For the past 5 years since we have lived in this house, we have had a Halloween Party.
We invite friends over for appetizers & Taco Soup and then we all go Trick or Treating around our neighborhood. It is so fun! I look forward to it every Halloween.

Here are my past Halloween Parties:

If you are new to my blog, thanks for stopping by!
Feel free to follow along! 
You can find me on Bloglovin, Facebook & Instagram

Can't wait to read about What's up with all of YOU!


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